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Complex Records, LLC 

About Me:

Mista Nac is one of the founders of CompleX Records. He grew up in the 765 in Indiana. He started out working with a local producer. After time they split ways and Nac enhanced his skills competing in freestyle batlles around Muncie and other areas. Nac's hustle and drive has brought him to where he is at right now. Along with his role of CEO of a Indiana label Nac is a artist, producer, promotor, event planner, engineer, A&R, manager, etc...... He is also Co-Founder and Partner in the newest company to hit Indiana. #TeamUnity.  Focused on moving artists to the forefront of the Hip Hop World by becoming a one stop shop for all things a artist needs. Management, Booking, Merch, Distribution, Production, Studio Time, Marketing, Promo and much much more. 

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