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About Me:

KenPike3 is a co-founder and partner of #TeamUnity working alongside CompleX Records, LLC which began in 2006.  He is considered an "OG" in the game, having his first official performance on live radio to do a "RENT RAP" for Rent A Center in 1986 on the station WANT in Richmond, VA. He operated a Underground Music Newsletter and managed 8 locations. He has organized and hosted meetings with producers and investors from around the state, as well as concerts and festivals at various venues. He's organized several radio interviews on the Hip-Hop Junkie Show and organized meet and greets at Award Winning Squeelers BBQ Grill out of Indianapolis, IN.  Above all KenPike3 is an artist, loves to perform, and can win a crowd over every time. Continue to subscribe and listen for more KenPike3. 

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